At home Art Gallery

I love summer. Who doesn’t, right? I love that it lends itself to relaxing days with no where to go, nothing pressing, and the opportunity to just play. I especially love when that time doesn’t involve anything that gets plugged in or ran on batteries.

I don’t like messes, and that little OCD part of me cringes a little when my children ask if they can play with play dough, do a science experiment- or bring out the …paint. But I also love seeing my children doing anything creative. So it’s worth the sacrifice of cleaning stuff up off the floor, the chairs, the table, the door, themselves, the dog…yes even the dog sometimes. So this past week, I threw caution into the wind and let them paint.




In regular {my children} style. They can’t just create without a purpose, so they thought up the idea to set up an art show. After working hard all afternoon on their creations and hanging them up, they made a ticket for their daddy that they hung on the front door explaining that he had to slide the ticket under the door for entrance into the gallery.


He is such a good daddy and always indulges them in their adventures.

Oh, but then they felt that the ticket wasn’t going to be enough so when he got up the stairs to our family room there was a sign


It says “soy, open art musem relly loud if you want it to open”

He happily obliged.

And then he was greeted with about a million {only a slight exaggeration} art artifacts.




I spared showing you the {a few less than a million} pictures. They also have since added a few more.

It was a productive day, they painted and used their imagination, collaborated to create an art show and took great pride in their work. If I had let the bother of cleaning up a little paint get to me, they would never have had the chance to express themselves in such a fun way.