Homeschool Mother’s Journal July 20th


In my life this week…

I have been a little scatterbrained, flittering from one mini project to another without completing much. We have also been enjoying the quiet and non-rushed moments of summer.

In our homeschool this week…

I am in planning mode. I’m working on having the first 6 weeks of school organized so that there are no excuses.

I am inspired by…

The word of God. I have been reading through the book of Acts and soaking up every word. I have also been very encouraged by the testimonies of friends about how God has been working in their lives.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We have spent some time with my family, visited the zoo, the science museum, and had the chance to do some swimming. I enjoyed a great night out at Starbucks with some friends and looking forward to traveling to Iowa next week to visit the other half of our hearts.

Questions/thoughts I have…

How do I balance love with the truth? I’m struggling with this right now.

I’m reading…

The Bible, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are , and the many magazines that have been piling up all year.

I’m cooking…

Nothing! We are having leftovers all day. I have a whole fridge of food that needs to be eaten from the week. I just can’t throw food away.

I’m praying for…

My heart is very heavy for the marriages of several couples in my life.


A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


Looking towards next school year

I wanted to participate in this weeks Top Ten topic of “Ten reasons I am excited about this new school year” But to be honest {and I feel horrible in saying it} I’m just not that excited about it.

Maybe because I’m still not entirely over this year. I still have the baggage of unfinished curriculum and the fact that some of that work is still sitting in their workboxes in our school room waiting for day when I dredge up enough gusto to go re-organize or convince the kiddos that schooling in July is fun.

But  most likely it’s because last year was such a struggle with Zack and school. Everyday it was like pulling teeth to get him to do his work. It didn’t matter that I was practically standing on my head juggling sight words, phonics games, math facts and read alouds to get him excited about learning. He just wasn’t.

The thought of dragging him kicking and screaming through the school day doesn’t excite me.

I have even daydreamed about putting him in school {wince}. I’m just being honest. Of course I don’t believe this is the “magic fix”, but at least I wouldn’t feel like I was to blame for his lack of love for learning, I wouldn’t feel like… I was the failure. {sigh} All those careful eyes that have silently been watching me, already questioning my judgment could turn their focus elsewhere- (If those eyes even exist). Of course I would never dare…or would I?

I take this before the Lord almost daily. I know we will get through it,  I can already hear the words of countless wise women, women whom I respect and love sharing their encouraging words and thoughts with years of homeschooling or childrearing behind them -reminding me that he is still young. I have time. Don’t stress, he will come around.

And I know that they are right. He doesn’t have to love school, as much as it kills me to say that and hurts my pride just a little…I’ll admit. But I want him to love learning. I want to find what he delights in and give him the opportunity to grow that. That will be my project for the new year.

So although I haven’t mustered up the excitement about the new year –just yet, I’m trusting that I will come around. After all, who doesn’t like a fresh start?


Linking up with Many Little Blessings 10 Reasons I’m excited about the new school year.

What do you like about being homeschooled?

That was the question I asked my children yesterday. I don’t judge my success as a homeschooling mom on whether my children like school, but it is good for the ego Winking smile

Zoe what do you like about being homeschooled?

1. I like being able to sleep in.

2. I don’t have to do school all day long.

3. That I (mommy) teach her.

4. Most of school is fun.

5. I get to play games during school.

Zack what do you like about being homeschooled?

1. Nothing!

No really, what is something you like about school?

2. Nothing!

You have to tell me at least one thing you like about school.

3. I don’t like anything about school.

Go to your room.  Remember my ego?

Olivia What do you like about being homeschooled.

1. I like writing my name.

2. Doing lines. (?)

3. Being nice to my friends.  (She obviously is confused) 

4. Stamping my name.

So naturally we are the model homeschoolers.Smile 



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Homeschooling isn’t meant to be done alone

 We are part of a homeschooling co-op that meets once a week, both of our older children take classes in a variety of subjects and enjoy the opportunity to get together with other children. One of the things I love about the Co-op is that the children are all at different levels, abilities, and ages but still manage to work  together well. I love that they can take classes in things that interest them that I’m not necessarily strong in- Like Zoe’s sewing and cooking class. I especially appreciate that the class sizes are small and they can develop real relationships with their teachers and peers. As a bonus, I love that when I’m not working in a classroom I can rock a baby in the nursery and chat with other mommies about all things life. I couldn’t imagine traveling this journey alone. Many have done it and continue to, but I need the support of others around me who are going through the same life trials I am.


Here they are working on measuring with non-standard units (crayons)



Now using marshmallows



Zoe was just finishing up creating a model of the solar system (with LOTS of glitter)

Homeschool Review

We are just beginning to think about wrapping up our school year here. We probably won’t completely lay school aside for the summer, I am considering a year round school year calendar.It is just so hot here in the summer that we actually spend more time indoors in the summer than the rest of year… except when there is water involved of course!

Here are some of the things we have been doing to keep busy these past few months.

Butterflies!!! We grew caterpillars and anxiously waited for them to hatch into butterflies. On this particular day one of the chrysalis’ had hatched and we thought we were going to get to see another one. The children stared at the net for over half an hour. The chrysalis just kept shaking, but much to the dissapointment of all of us, it was another two days before it hatched and we missed it!


Park Days! Our homeschool association had an academic fair in March which Zoe participated in. We worked on this project for a  month, but of course we spent the last week rushing to get it all done in time. Grandma made the perfect costume to go with it.

We finished up soccer a couple of weeks ago. We try to keep the kiddos moving throughout the year.

A Field trip to the Pizza Ranch. The Texas Agriculture Department puts on this field trip to teach children from start to finish where their pizza comes from. The children moved through different stations. There were live animals and real gardens. They ended the presentation with everyone getting free pizza!   The first picture is unrelated to pizza??? But this guy was there to explain the problems and solutions for dealing with erosion I was very proud of our homeschoolers, they answered some pretty tough questions.

I haven’t been great at taking “school” pictures but we are also busy learning about the Colonials and have some fun projects coming up including making butter and learning to weave.

Schooling From Home {Field Trip to the Fire Station}

Our homeschool Group recently took a field trip to the Fire Station. Our children loved seeing the fire house and having the opportunity to look at the trucks and they were even able to play with one of the smaller water hoses. Needless to say, they had a blast and learned a bunch!

First Day of school… Take 1




Happy First Day of School. Well, it started off happy anyway. Yesterday we started school with Zoe. It actually went great, I had been trying to figure out how I was going to do it with three children and then the two that I babysit 3 days a week, but we all worked together and managed to get through Bible, handwriting and language before the day took an unexpected turn of events and for reasons out of my control we will have to continue on with school next next week. I am very excited to be Zoe’s teacher. She is such a smart little girl who just loves to learn. She has asked to “do school” for the past year.  So now that the time has finally arrived to officially start school I’m excited and more than nervous. But I know this is where God has lead us and for that reason I press on 🙂