Our Homeschool Journey

We began homeschooling when our oldest was in kindergarten. I wasn’t always a homeschool advocate. I had been a product of the public schools and had become a public school teacher, and besides the only homeschooled children I knew growing up were a tad bit {ahem} weird. When I was pregnant with Zoe I was in a bible study with several women who had been homeschooled and I began to be intrigued by the whole idea. These women were smart, independent, loved the Lord, and were fun to be around, in essence -not weird. We began to pray about the possibility and the Lord began to place people in our path that encouraged us towards that direction. Ultimately it was the the Lords leading and conviction that he placed in our hearts that moved us towards the final decision.

For the first few years I struggled with wondering if we were making the right decision,{you can read about our first day of homeschooling here}but with each passing year I see the positive effects homeschooling has had on our family. Some of them being;

*We have the ability to train our children up in the Lord with the bible being our main text.

*I can handle “heart” and discipline issues when they happen.

*We don’t have to rush through things, although we are busy we are not at the mercy of someone else’s schedule. If we want to spend all day reading we can.

*I know my child best. I know where they are struggling, what motivates them and what will challenge them I know what’s best for them because I have their best interest in mind. I’m fully invested in them. If they were in a classroom with 20 plus children their teacher wouldn’t necessarily have the time to discover this.

*I can help my children choose their friends. I don’t’ have to worry about them being bullied or picked on, at least to the degree that I might if they were in school.

*And my personal favorite is that my children love each other and for the most part love being around each other. They are friends.

This list could probably go on forever but the point is, is that we love homeschooling (most days) and it’s what works for our family we struggle through the bad days and rejoice in the good ones. It’s a journey…and I’m glad to be on it.


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