A DIY Headband holder and some Pinterest Love

Oh, how I do love summer. {have I mentioned that before?} I can enjoy not being a slave to schedules and activities, I can sit around be productive in ways that I don’t have time to be during the school year. Surprisingly, although it has been hot, it hasn’t been nearly as miserable as last summer. Last year at this time we were working on beating the record for the most 100 degree consecutive days. I think we missed it by one or two! All that to say I have been much more motivated to work on little projects here and there. I managed to clean out the girls room, and that was a PRO-JECT! I was determined to make it more efficient and give a place for every thing…and everything a place {I feel like saying that in a Mary Poppins voice, for some reason} It has long been out of control.

One of the projects I made at craft night was a head band holder to help control all those unruly hair accessories that were taking up space in their room. It’s working beautifully.

DIY headband holder

headband holder

All I needed was an empty oatmeal container, some cute fabric, and a glue gun. It took less than 10 minutes! I especially love that I can hide all those little pony tail holders inside.

And just to be sure I don’t neglect Pinterest, Here are a few things we have enjoyed of late.

cookie dough dip 

This is Cookie Dough Dip, and I swear it’s so addicting. it was brought to craft night and although I restrained myself I think if I was left in a dark room alone, I would have licked the bowl clean.

no bake energy bites

I made these energy bites, and they to were really good, and very easy. They only took me about 5 minutes to throw together. I almost hate that I’m posting them though, because I changed up several of the ingredients, just to use what I had on hand, and Steven suggested adding crushed up pretzels, which I think made them even better.

And Last but not least…

Taco Pizza

Taco Pizza. We have been slacking in our Friday Night Pizza nights, so when we saw this pizza we knew we had to try it. It is easy and very yummy.


Again, the Pinterest pictures are not my own, which is clearly noticed by mere observation Winking smile




I mentioned we were going to do a craft day this past weekend and we did! It was such a fun productive afternoon and evening. I didn’t get home until almost midnight! We didn’t plan on the theme being a pinterest party but it turned out like that. Just about everyone had some craft that they had pinned and were just waiting for the perfect time to do it. I’ll be sharing some of the great projects that everyone made over the next few weeks.

Even several of the snacks were pinterest finds. Man I love pinterest!

So we crafted, ate, chatted, had a few dance offs…soooo wished I had pictures of that, and laughed…and laughed. We even had time to end the night with girly manicures. Thankfully I have the world’s best husband so I got to hang out and enjoy myself child-free. Love that man.

Here is one of the projects I worked on.


I took an old brown cabinet door that I picked up at a garage sale for $1.00, Loosely spray painted it white, used a rubber stamp and a piece of burlap along with a little black paint and some Modge Podge to create this:


I’m not sure if the picture does it justice, I think the modge podge was still drying. It was a cheap and easy project. I am working on a “wall” project in our family room so that is where it will most likely go.

This picture was my “pinterest” inspiration:


If you are lazy and like the look,  the picture came from Etsy. If you want to purchase one similar to this check it out here: 

And of course every good craft day has to end with a manicure, right?

Thanks Rebekah for sharing your stuff. Lovin’ my nails!


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Our Home for the Holidays

Here are a few pictures from last year of our home at Christmas time.



Ugh! it’s still in the 90 degrees here in Texas! I can’t express my disgust enough. the weather certainly did not get the memo that fall has arrived and it’s time to usher out the summer heat. So being the rebel that I am, I decided sizzling heat or not, I was putting up my fall décor. So we drug out the box and then I changed my mind- because honestly it was just too hot to look at pumpkins and fall leaves and although the rebel in me said do it anyway , the sensible side felt too ridiculous.  So the box set in my kitchen for 2 weeks before I decided again that despite the heat the pumpkins were coming out, this time I went through with it and now we are officially fall (ified). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if overnight the temps dropped 30 degrees and instead of the heat and drought  causing all the leaves to fall off our trees, we could actually pretend that it’s due to the changing seasons. fall 11

We picked those huge lovely acorns last year and I have been waiting an entire year to use them somehow. (forgive the photography, I still can’t figure out how to take candle pictures well)

Taking on the challenge

I have decided to join in today at one of my favorite blogs Mama Jenn, in hopes that it will  motivate me to finish a project I started. I have been  slowly working my way around the house redecorating, reorganizing, cleaning, and in general trying to rid all the unnecessary excess. This month I am focusing on our family room. It has been the bane of my existence for a while now.  The room is upstairs in our house next to our playroom/schoolroom. It’s a fairly large room that we use for movie watching, crafting, gaming and workouts. Oh, it is also the dumping ground for whatever we don’t want in the rest of the house.

I always forget to take pictures before we start a project so you will have to believe me when I say that before I cleaned and rearranged the room, it was TERRIBLE! Toys, clothes, blankets, snack wrappers (yuck) and a whole lot of other junk littered the room.

We are planning to paint the room and a few pieces of the hand-me-down furniture we own. We will also be putting up some shelving, adding some lamps and new curtains as well as some new comfy pillows to throw on the couches. I am also on the lookout for a sofa table to place behind the couch to help cozy the place up a bit.

Here are a few before pictures. Check back at the end of June to see what we accomplished!

I am using this pillow as my inspiration piece. Comfortable and fun is what I’m hoping to accomplish when all is said and done.

Frugal Fall Decorating

I love Fall!!! Unfortunately here in Texas we don’t have much of one. it can be warm until November! But that doesn’t stop me from getting out all my fall decor anyway. A girl can dream, right? I found this great project from one of my favorite decorating blogs, and for the life of me I can’t find the post again, so sadly I can not give credit where credit is due.

This was a fairly cheap project considering how much these topiaries would cost in the store, but I still managed to spend more than I hoped. As a side note, I could have done much better with a coupon, but I didn’t buy the paper that week and didn’t have a current one to use.

This project cost me about $15.00. I bought my fall decor from Hobby Lobby, it was on sale there, but I think I would have done better at Michaels. I am going to wait until the end of the season to pick up more of the fall pieces to make another one for next year.

   I started this one, before I realized I was going to have to spray paint the foam parts, I used newspaper to stuff around the inside of the pot, so it wouldn’t move around. You could probably get a bigger foam piece so this wouldn’ t happen.

This isn’t the completed project, but I ran out of the fall pieces so I had to wait until I made it back to the store.

Supplies Needed:

Some kind of pot ( I used a clay one) black spray paint, a wooden dowel (you choose the size), foam ball (not sure the exact name) foam is needed for the bottom part as well, fall decor pieces.

Don’t you love all my “very specific” wording for these things? I’m hoping the pictures do a better job at explaining what I mean.

Spray paint the pot, the wooden dowel and the foam pieces. It’s important to spray the foam so that if there are any spaces between the pieces it’s not obvious.

Just start sticking in the pieces however you want.

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Picture Perfect

I have been working on a few house projects this summer. Small things that I have been wanting to do for a while. This project was relatively easy and quick.

I can of black spray paint  $1.00

Take all pictures and glass out of the frames and place on cardboard or other surface and spray evenly.

joila!  The finished product! I’m sure it would be much more dramatic if I had a before picture but I never think to do that before I get started. 

I have always wanted to have a wall of pictures with the same colored frames, but it never occurred to me to just spray paint the ones I have. It looks so much better than my many mixed matched frames just thrown up on the wall.  You could do this with any color for a nice together look.

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