Top 10 questions I’m regularly asked about homeschooling and other things…

I am often asked a lot of crazy questions about homeschooling or just our life in general…{not that our life is so interesting, or even strange} but in general when a non-homeschooler hears that we homeschool there are inevitably some questions that are asked.

So here are the most common questions I get.

1. Don’t your children drive you crazy? How do you stay at home with them all day?

Yes. My children drive me crazy- most days. They are young, loud, busy and there are 4 of them. But I love it. I feel so blessed. I never forget that I am living my dream. These moments are fleeting and soon they will be gone. I drink up the time I get to spend with them now. And when I feel like I really need a break I go to Starbucks!

2. Aren’t you afraid they won’t be socialized, or have any friends?

Nope. My children are drowning in friends. Homeschooling allows me the opportunity to help my children choose the right ones. But even if my children weren’t  “drowning” in friends I wouldn’t be worried.

3. Are you going to have any more children?

Oh, if only I wasn’t asked this question at least once a week. I used to think, while pregnant, can I just deliver this one first? I don’t know if more children are in our future. I feel blessed to have the ones we do and at a peace with our current family size.

4. Will you homeschool all the way through school?

I hope so, Lord willing.

5. How will your children get into college?

The same way yours will, through hard work, perseverance and lots of applications. Many schools accept homeschoolers even several Ivy League ones. Our children will have to take the same tests public school students do to earn acceptance into them.

6. Being a teacher makes it easier for you right?

No. I think it can make it harder. I catch myself trying to impose “school ideas” into our schooling and it just doesn’t work. Not to mention that my education taught me how to work within a large classroom with many students, teaching to whole groups in the most effective way. Most of what I have learned doesn’t transpose to my own children.

7. What curriculum do you use?

In short, I use an eclectic mix of things. This coming school year I will be going into unchartered waters for me and using My Father’s World. But I will also be getting my feet wet with some classical learning ideas.

8. Are you ever worried you might not teach your children something they are suppose to know?

All the time. Every now and then I do testing or compare my children’s work to state standards, but after the initial irrational fear is gone, I realize that my children are doing just fine.

9. What do you do with the younger children when you are teaching the older ones?

Olivia works right along side of us doing her own “school” She colors, counts, does puzzles, stamps, writes, etc. I am working on putting together more of program or curriculum for her for next year, but I’m not going to push her. We will do school only as far as she wants to. Often she just plays and I’m perfectly ok with that. The baby adds some challenges to our day and  I’m sure next year will be interesting.

10. Do you really grind your own wheat, and make your own bread?

Yes. Ok in full disclosure, only on good days. Or when I jump back on the health bandwagon after being reminded of how good it is for our family, or just when I have a real craving for hot out of the oven fresh bread. We do however always make our own pizza crust.


I’m linking up with Many Little Blessings today. Go there for other Top Ten Questions asked. I had great fun reading through others.


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