What would I do without Pinterest?

Besides Pinterest being a huge time waster in my life…(well actually I don’t spend that much time on it these days) it happens to be very useful. My family has really enjoyed most the new recipes that I have found the courage to try. I thought I would share some of our favorites.

Avocado Salsa Dip

Avocado Salsa

We tried something very similar to this at a picnic and it was soooo good.

French Dip Crescents


The kids loved this! It was easy to whip up for lunch. I’m not sure it would be filling enough for dinner…at least for the husband.



My husband  referred to this as the salsa that puts an end to all others. It was that good!

chicken chili

chicken chili 

This is now my guy’s all time favorite meal. I enjoy it too, but the kids…not so much.

You can check out what else we might be cooking up by going to my Pinterest page

On a side note: I completely hijacked these pictures from their websites. They are not my own. My pictures would not be this appetizing Winking smile 


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  1. where is all the sweet foods????

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