Top 10 must have items for homeschooling in our house

Sometimes I really miss being a public school teacher…Well, actually I only miss having access to all the free materials and classroom supplies. Oh, and the tax break I got for buying the needed things for my classroom.  We don’t get those fancy perks as a homeschool teacher. ;)  But somehow we manage to make do anyway… lol.

So for my top 10 must have items….


Books, books and more books. We have book baskets and book shelves all over the house! This is our library basket that sits by the front door.


Our world map. We refer to it all the time. Great for pointing out where our missionaries live, where story characters are from, etc.


Our school table. It’s where most of the action happens during school time. I actually salvaged this table from a curbside. It was wide enough and the right height.


Work boxes. This is how I organize the kids day. They each have their own.We started doing this for the first time this year and I love it! The kiddos love it too.


Our reading chair. It’s only big enough for one child but it’s where they do most of their independent reading.


Dry erase markers (couldn’t survive without them!) as well as these cute little tin buckets. I have a bucket for crayons, scissors, colored pencils and miscellaneous.


Notecards. We use them for everything. Vocabulary, sight words, pictures, story telling, math facts, etc.


Ikea shelves. This is where I organize all of my teacher materials mostly manipulatives and games by subject.


File Boxes. Each child has their own box. I keep their workbooks in them, any worksheets I need, chapter books, teacher guides, etc.


Oil Pan. This is a recent addition to our school room. (Got to love Pinterest) I can now keep our spelling tiles on this board instead of it taking up precious space on the whiteboard that we use regularly.

I could probably go on and on about the “must haves” that we use while schooling but I have to stop somewhere…

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  1. The oil pan is genius!

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