A season of Thankfulness

Weary, exhausted, irritable, apathetic, depressed, humbled, thankful, blessed, joyful, peaceful. Just a few of the many emotions that have traveled through my life these past few months. I am a mother of a baby once again. Life is different with a baby. Not bad different, just different. Changed but still the same. We are starting to come out of that newborn haze that traps all parents of new babies for what seems like eternity but is but for a season, and for that I’m thankful. I have been thankful for those mornings where I have had to lean into my Savior just a little bit more for the strength and grace to get me through the day, for the reminder that this is indeed the child that I prayed for and the knowledge that my God is good. All the time. I am grateful for the opportunity once again to fellowship with other new moms as we pass encouragement on to one another, as well as relive the details of this stage with more seasoned mothers. I believe there is nothing that draws women closer outside of Christ than our connection through children. I feel blessed that God has given me yet another arrow for His kingdom, although at the same time the responsibility weighs heavily on me. I am working my way into this new season with another child, trying to find my place- my new rhythm, working on letting go of the unimportant and holding on to the lasting.


One Response

  1. Such positive words for indeed a very tough season. It is always inspiring to me to see you moms with a houseful of “arrows” guiding and mothering with such grace. Prayers for you today as you continue your wonderful journey.

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