Birthday Bliss

This year Zoe and Zack decided that they both wanted to have a super hero birthday party and since their birthdays are only a week apart it worked out well for us. They are both obsessed with super heroes so it was a natural choice for them. For weeks I scoured websites and Pinterest for ideas and planned, baked, painted, decorated for the entire week beforehand. It was all worth it when both of them said it was the most awesome birthday party EVER!  Here are a few pics from the party day.

We started the party out by making masks and coloring pictures of super heroes. This gave time for everyone to arrive before we started the party games.




Using an overhead projector and a picture we painted Superman and Wonder Woman then cut out the faces for pictures. Unfortunately my camera died after only getting a few pictures of some of the party guests.

Party Games!!!

We created a Super Hero obstacle course which included going through some cones, a batcave, ring of fire (Hulu  hoop with red paper around it), and a balance beam. The kids loved this and wanted to do it several times.

lining up to get ready for the course

Kryptonite balloon toss, because of the number of children I had them all sitting or kneeling on the floor to play this game. The idea was to keep the balloons from touching the ground.

Bowling for Super Heroes, originally it was supposed to be bowling for villains but we forgot to print off pictures of villains last-minute and decided to just use pictures the kids had colored from super hero coloring books it didn’t really matter, the kiddos just loved knocking over the pins.

We also played “Mr. Freeze” dance.


We kept the food pretty simple in an effort to try to keep this party affordable yet still fun. Hotdogs, excuse me…Hero Dogs, Buffalo Chicken dip, fruit and veggies. Of course there was cake and cookies.

Don’t look to closely at the cakes…I tried so hard, but  it was one of those things that no matter what I did I couldn’t get either of them to turn out the way I wanted. The more I messed with them the worst they got. I eventually just decided that it was good enough and it didn’t matter that they weren’t perfect. Thankfully they still tasted great. I refused to use shortening in the frosting so I was nervous about how using a true buttercream frosting was going to work. Turns out… it works just fine, and tastes so much better.


Here are some of the cookies that I had baked and decorated for the party bags.

Here are some of the party bags. I decided to go with baked goods instead of the usual party bag “junk” that you can buy. I know I always hate having those little toys laying all around the house. So I included a couple cookies and a cake pop in each bag, then stuck on a cute little tag that we printed.


It was a great party and I think everyone had a great time!

Happy Birthday to my two Super Hero’s


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  1. Wow! What a wonderful party for the birthday kids! Must have taken so much time to put together. Looks so cool!

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