Homeschooling isn’t meant to be done alone

 We are part of a homeschooling co-op that meets once a week, both of our older children take classes in a variety of subjects and enjoy the opportunity to get together with other children. One of the things I love about the Co-op is that the children are all at different levels, abilities, and ages but still manage to work  together well. I love that they can take classes in things that interest them that I’m not necessarily strong in- Like Zoe’s sewing and cooking class. I especially appreciate that the class sizes are small and they can develop real relationships with their teachers and peers. As a bonus, I love that when I’m not working in a classroom I can rock a baby in the nursery and chat with other mommies about all things life. I couldn’t imagine traveling this journey alone. Many have done it and continue to, but I need the support of others around me who are going through the same life trials I am.


Here they are working on measuring with non-standard units (crayons)



Now using marshmallows



Zoe was just finishing up creating a model of the solar system (with LOTS of glitter)


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