20 weeks (my thoughts)

20weeks pregnant

I was getting anxious, I had been waiting for months to feel the baby move, looking over websites and consulting the baby books about when it would happen. They all said by 20 weeks, but I was sure that it would happen sooner. I needed to feel the baby move, this pregnancy still just didn’t seem real to me and I knew that it would take feeling the baby move to help me come to terms that we really are having another baby.  It happened while I was drifting off to sleep. At first it just felt like a small bubble making its way through my abdomen-probably just gas… but when this bubble kept softly bouncing around I knew I was feeling the baby for the first time. So exciting! As I lay there with my hands holding on to my stomach so I wouldn’t miss it again, I thought about how much this new life was going to change our already somewhat hectic life, how I will once again know what it means to be sleep deprived and I thought about whether I would be able to juggle homeschooling and a new baby. We will be Inconvenienced yet again, as we adjust.  But still, I can’t wait. I can’t wait to bring this baby into our family and watch our children adapt and fight over who gets to take care of it,- because they will. All of them lOVE babies. I can’t wait to see who this baby will look like more- each baby looks more like Steven then the last, maybe this one will finally have his eyes. And I especially can’t wait for the moments where it’s just me and this baby and I can just stare into it’s eyes and thank the Lord for the privilege of allowing me to be a mommy to yet another one of His children. So much to look forward to.

20 weeks down…20 to go

Even now as I’m sharing, this baby is bouncing around in it’s temporary home and I smile. I don’t think I will ever get over this feeling.


2 Responses

  1. You look great, as usual

  2. Angela you look wonderful! Wow – 4th kid and you look that good at 20 weeks! It is amazing how God created us to hold babies!

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