First Day Blah’s -overcome

Ahh, the first day of school for me is always met with much excitement, anticipation and… uncertainty. Are we doing the right thing? Is this really what we want for our children? Won’t they miss out on… ? ? ?  It becomes especially hard when so many of our friends are wrapped up in the excitement of sending their children off on their first day of school-  new clothes, new teachers, new school supplies- everything new! I begin to feel like, maybe we are missing out.

With Zack starting Kindergarten this year, those same feelings of uncertainty that hit me every year compounded and I spent the first hour of our first day of school in near panic mode. Then just when I thought for sure we might be making a mistake I looked up to see this.

And the Lord gently reminded me… “This is why you do it”

There are so many reasons why we choose to homeschool, but one of the many is so our children can grow up together, live life together and learn to enjoy each other. This simple reminder was enough to spur me on and remind me of all the other many reasons that we chose this life for our family. Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, and if I’m honest there are days that it’s a real struggle for me, but the joy comes from seeing our children learn something that we taught them, teaching them how to live out biblical principles with each other so that they are prepared to live them out in the real world, and having the opportunity to see them grow on a daily basis.  I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Although the morning started off a little rocky for me, we quickly got into the swing of things and had a wonderful first day of school!

Breakfast the most important meal of the day…Even better when it’s homemade pancakes!

Zoe working on vocabulary

Working on Math

A little sight word practice


We closed the day with my amazing husband treating us to a celebratory first day of school dinner!



4 Responses

  1. Bless you for your honest feelings. I too struggle with those same thoughts, but every year they lessen. It helps to know that we aren’t alone and have each other and more importantly God to call on and He never fails to bring answers and comfort.

  2. Hey girl, I know this is a little cheesey, but I always feel a little sense of pride when I hear (read) a H.S. Mamma speak her heart about why we do what we do. Reading your post just got me a little more pumped about our start day !
    This is at times a very hard thing we choose to do but like you I can’t imagine any other life. I praise God for teaching me in new ways every year that schooling our children benefits them in such a greater capacity than education itself could ever do.
    Living life together, them learning from us, them learning from each other, us learning from them, the list goes on.When I think about how very very short our years are with them, I can’t fathom letting go of even one. Pouring ourselves into them, (and hoping God will hold out a strainer as I pour) and investing our lives in them for such a short time gives me hope for their future.
    Keep it up Friend,Miss you

  3. Angela very good article on the first day of school. I to often wonder if Anna will feel like she is missing out but I am glad she is at home. The picture of Zack and Zoe is great be sure to scrapbook that one. Thanks for being a great mom and wife to your husband.

    Your Friend
    Jack Boyd

  4. Love the post! I wish you a wonderful year of discovery and commitment to your educating the children at home. Our best employees have been home schooled and it’s a very interesting thing. There just seems to be a strong sense of self within these budding adults. Perhaps they are forced to figure things out at an early age where the chance to ‘hide among peers’ is less in the home school setting. Regardless, keep up the amazing work! God Bless…

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