And the Lord God said “Be fruitful and multiply”

We are expecting again!!! We couldn’t be any more excited! Ok, well I couldn’t any way. Steven is taking it easy and although I can’t say he was ever moved to emotion over any of our pregnancies, I think he might be a little excited about this one too (well, at least he’s not freaking out anyway)

In a way I feel like I have waited for this baby in as much anticipation as I did our first. I knew I wanted more, but I didn’t know if God would bless us with another child into our family. At the same time I was yearning for that sweet smell of a newborn I was also preparing my heart to be content with the beautiful children he has already given us.

In May I thought I was pregnant and my heart and mind quickly got prepared to welcome another child. I raced through {in my head} everything that needed to be done and mentally began preparing for what another life would mean to this family. When I found out I wasn’t pregnant I was devastated, (silently) and for only a short time. This is when I realized that I think I really do want another baby, but maybe God had other plans for our life. And so I began the part of really coming to terms with the family God had so lovingly already blessed us with.

You can imagine my surprise and delight when by the end of the next month I begin to expect once again that I might be pregnant, but I chose to go forward with much caution, then when I couldn’t take it anymore I ran and got a pregnancy test. It came out invalid! This gave me time to stop and really pray. When Steven got home that night I told him that I thought I might be pregnant and in regular “Steven” fashion, he kind of smiled and said “Well, it was bound to happen”. They were the words my heart needed to hear, Those simple, silly words told me that everything was going to be ok and I began to get excited again. I soon took another test and with a positive result we began to prepare for the idea of another child joining our family.

We chose to keep the pregnancy a super secret between us, until after our first official doctors appointment. Today was that day for us. We were able to see our new baby on the ultrasound and the reality of it became just a little more real. We are having another baby! We are going to have another BABY! And I couldn’t be more excited.


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  1. A beautiful tribute to your love of your family and new babies! They are so special as are Zoe, Zack and Olivia! You two are just wonderful parents and a baby will be so blessed to become a part of your sweet family!

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