Dealing with a Picky Eater(s)

I’m sure there isn’t a home with children in America that hasn’t been visited by the picky eater monster. Up until recently we have had three of them at our house on a semi-regular basis.  Less I don’t give them any credit I should say that our children like most foods on an individual basis. It’s after I have the audacity to join them together in soups, casseroles, and other one dish wonders that the protests begin.  Before the food is even served the whining begins ” Mommy you know I don’t like… I don’t like dinner I only like lunch, and breakfast, and snack!  Can I just have cereal?” I end up angry and inevitably lose my  patience. Threats are made and we all end up silent at the dinner table- well… except for the slight sniffling and loud death stares from children. Obviously this makes for an unpleasant dining experience.

          Making a separate meal for our children every night is NOT an option. We are trying to teach our children to be grateful, and although it may sound slightly ego-centric I work hard  at making dinner for our family and if for no other reason they should at least respectfully acknowledge that.

I’m not sure what the experts would say but here is how we have decided to handle the picky eater syndrome at  our house.

If I make something that I know the children would normally enjoy eating  for instance they like chicken, cheese, noodles, etc but they are choosing not to eat it because they don’t like it in casserole form then we place it in front of them and it’s eat or go hungry. Usually they eat. Eventually.

If I absolutely know they are not going to eat what I am preparing then on occasion I will concede and prepare them a sandwich or something hearty like oatmeal. But… if there is no reason they shouldn’t like something but I know they will protest anyway I will place the meal in front of them along with something small that I know they will eat like half a pb&j I will tell them they have to take x number of bites from my meal then they can eat what they like. This has saved many an argument plus it’s forcing them to try something that they probably will like eventually. At our house just getting them to try something is half the battle.

Did I forget to mention that we almost always BRIBE our children with dessert. I know our children really dislike something when they would rather go hungry and skip dessert than eat their dinner.

If your looking for a little more help in the picky eater department there are some fun children’s books that might help address the issue at the following website. We have read almost all of them and enjoyed them.            Flashlightworthybooks

And if you like to play with your food, (you know your children do) Then have some fun with it and just maybe you can convince your children to try something new.


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