My sanctuary

It’s just a chair. Nothing spectacular. But it’s my favorite spot in the whole house. It sits in the living room right next to the kitchen, right in the middle of all that happens in our house.  It’s not the place I go to get away (That place doesn’t exist in our house) but it is the place I go to be renewed. My Bible sits right next to it on the table, always within arms reach- ready at a moments notice to offer this weary mommy some encouragement or even some gentle discipline. My journal and bible study books  sit on the floor next to the table in a basket slightly hidden out of the reach of curious little fingers.

My little sanctuary is where I go each morning before the house has awoken, and helps me prepare for the beginning of the day. It’s where God greets me and sweet fellowship begins. It could happen anywhere, but here is where it happens best.

For other great quiet time ideas check out Granola Mom for God


3 Responses

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing and giving us a peak into your sweet times of fellowship with Jesus. Truly a healing balm to my soul tonight!!

  2. you could call you favorite sister in law from that chair too!! miss you 🙂

  3. glad you are posting to your blog again. i really missed it! i know your schedule will never “quiet down” so i appreciate the time you do take to post.

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