On the farm… kind of

I have been a city girl my whole life. My whole life I have never lived more than 10 minutes from a Wal-Mart. But it’s no secret that I dream of wide-open spaces. I love the idea of stepping out into my yard with nary a neighbor to be seen. Rolling hills, mountains, grassland, forestry, it doesn’t matter I just want to get away. I want my children to spend their days outdoors playing, scavenging, hunting for insects, birds… nature. I want a few pretend farm animals. You know the ones that don’t require me to mortgage the house to feed. Oh, and the garden. I want the apple, pear, and peach trees. I want to pick my salad every night. Ohhh, I have dreams. Steven humors me.

So, when the Stock show comes to town, I get to pretend for just a minute what it would be like to live this country life I dream of hay, manure and all!

DSCN8942 DSCN8950




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