Bible in 90 days update

I just completed day 22! I am all caught up and right on schedule. Which for me is just amazing. I got behind last week and Whew! it takes some effort to get caught up again.

A few thoughts to share:

I love a good story, and there is no better story than the bible. I have found myself thinking about the characters and situations and even on occasion wondering “where did I read that?” and then “oh, yeah- The Bible! Because some of the stories have been so intriguing and they draw you in with their depth of character and some of the plots have been real page turners. Of course I had to get through the building of the Tabernacle and all the laws, I just don’t understand why they have to be repeated soooo many times! But after that… it has been great.

other thoughts:

The Israelites were whiners all the way leading right up to standing outside the promise land. They constantly found something to complain about. They had the living God right within their midst and still it wasn’t enough.  After being completely exasperated with these Israelites and all the whining, it occurred to me that we are the same way. In fact we might be worse! We have the living God living IN us and still we find reason to complain. Geeze!

Our God is a God of details.


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