Movie Review Monday


You Again

This past week we had a girls night out and went to the movies to see You Again. I have to say, this was a super cute movie. It was clean and funny, a great “chick flick” can’t say that my husband would have appreciated it but my gal pals and I loved it!

The movie is about Marni, an unpopular, unattractive girl who was tormented in highschool by J.J the head cheerleader and all things popular. J.J. Who is now called Joanna shows up eight years later as the fiance of Marni’s brother. Marni isn’t convinced by Joanna’s new identity as the “nice girl” and is determined to prove to her brother who Joanna really is. The rest of the story follows a somewhat predictable pattern, which can be appreciated because of the comedic relief as well as the fact that you don’t have to wince at the language or sexual innuendos that most movies like this have.

Outside of a  30 second somewhat provocative dance lesson and cheerleaders in their uniforms, I think this movie could have even been rated G.

This movie was rated PG


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