Schooling From Home

With as hard as it is for me to keep up this blog, I have an even harder time of keeping up with my homeschool blog. So I’m thinking of just merging the two for now, and maybe if things slow down getting back to it one day. (will that ever happen?)

We joined a large homeschooling support group this year, which has been great. It has allowed us to attend a co-op program. The kids have loved it! Zack and Zoe are each taking classes and learning a ton. Zoe is in a Science class learning about space, dinosaurs, rocks and other great things, she is also in a class on pioneers as well as an art class. Zack is taking phonics, P.E. and art. I love that they are getting just a taste of what a regular school would be like. They especially love grabbing their backpacks and taking their lunches.

I also belong to a smaller support group, mostly composed of just a few friends who also homeschool. This groups focus is mostly on the family unit with the general idea being we live life together. We recently took a field trip together to the zoo on homeschool day. I really think these kinds of days are important to take part in, it lets our children know that we are not the only “weird” ones out there who don’t attend a formal school. They also get to see just how normal we and others that homeschool really are.


We had an animal scavanger hunt for them to work on while at the zoo, they were both very intent on finding everything they needed to.

Olivia was actually with us on this field trip, she just remained in my arms or in the stroller most of the time.


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