Frugal Hairbows

Several years ago a couple friends introduced me to hair bow making. If you have a little girl and are into those cutsie fru-fru kind of things, you know how expensive hair bows can be. I have learned to make them for a fraction of the cost. The best way to stretch your dollars is to have a bow  making party with a few friends, with each person bringing several different kinds of ribbon so there are lots of choices. What I love most about making my own hair bows, is that I can buy ribbon fairly cheap to match just about any outfit I have for the girls.

Basic Supplies:

Any kind of thread, Needle, grosgrain ribbon (it’s just easier to work with), Scissors, Alligator clips (found at beauty supply stores), Hot glue gun

Here are a few hair bows I made recently. The top two were made with the basic hair bow and then I added curly ribbon (made by wrapping ribbon around a wooden dowel, spraying it with starch, and baking it for a little while) I used a button in the middle of the bright pink polka dot one.

I thought about writing a tutorial but there are so many websites dedicated to this, that I thought I would let a few of them handle it instead.

The Ribbon Retreat      

Girly Things


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