Cinnamon goodness

I get teased a lot about our whole grain baking, especially that when they hear that we mill our own grain into flour.  It is a little strange in our instant society that we would take the time to do this but the healthy benefits far out weigh the cost of time, which really isn’t all that much. I defend it by telling everyone that freshly milled wheat flour is nothing like the wheat flour or bread that you buy in the store. It doesn’t have that bitter taste to it. And if you are buying wheat bread that doesn’t have a bitter taste, you are really just buying glorified white bread.

I have been craving these whole wheat cinnamon rolls for a while now, but I just haven’t wanted to spend the time making them. During my marathon baking day earlier this week I decided to make them. They were well worth the wait.

I used a basic wheat bread recipe that I found from Tammy’s Recipes.  I almost always use my bread machines dough cycle, so when it was done kneading and after it’s first rise I pulled the dough out, rolled it flat and brushed melted butter on it, then sprinkled a ton of cinnamon and a little sugar. In the past I never seem to put enough cinnamon, but this time I was very liberal with it and it turned out great!


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