Year of the Yard

We are calling this the year of the yard. Every year we set money aside for some kind of home improvement. Last year was the shelves that my father -in -law so graciously built us in our playroom/schoolroom. This year we are focusing on outside improvements. We had some friends from our church who own a landscaping business re-do our front flower bed and we have been working on our backyard. I really do love to garden, I’m not that good at it and in the heat of the Texas summer I can easily loose motivation and heart. But I love flowers and seeing things that I planted grow. Zoe shares my enjoyment and works just as hard at planting, pulling weeds, watering and keeping up with the various things we have planted. I am working on creating a butterfly garden just for her. Unfortunately I have come to the end of our yard budget so that just might have to wait until next year. This year I read the Square foot Garden Book by Mel Bartholomew and have spent a lot of time and money putting together our vegetable garden. I’m hoping that it will be more successful than last year. Last year I was only able to successfuly grow tomatoes. But I feel that we did it the “right” way this year so I’m hoping for better results. Here are a few pictues of our Vegetable garden and our new front flower bed. Our garden box is not set up exactly like Mel explains in the book, because it was already built, from last year so it doesn’t meet the exact dimensions.

All of the flowers are now in bloom, but I haven’t taken a recent picture.  


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