I have dreams

I’m in a frump, slump, unmotivated place. Actually that’s not entirely true. I have dreams and plans of all these wonderful things I want and need to get done. I am surrounded by lists and piles of to-do things, I have books sitting beside me on cooking, baking, gardening, child rearing, dieting, excersing, schooling and the all but forgotten just for my enjoyment fiction books. I also have a list of  blog posts I want to write about for this blog as well as my other one, but here I sit. I feel like because of the pure mass of things I want and need to get done, coupled with the fact that lately I like to spend my” free” time selfishly and lazily surfing through my favorite blogs or catching up on movies, I can’t even begin to start.  I’m hoping that since spring finally has decided to grace us with it’s presence I will find some newfound motivation. Stay tuned for an update, but don’t hold your breath 🙂


One Response

  1. I can take a hint 😉
    you need IA relatives to come down and help you get motivated?? although, you probably want mom not me, I will want to go shopping!!

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