Another Year

I think that this Birthday is by far the most uneventful yet. Maybe because I have finally reached the age (32) where my birthday is just another day, I actually didn’t even remember until yesterday when I was reminded again that today is my birthday. Maybe I’m just too busy to think about it, or maybe it’s because 32 isn’t one of those milestone birthdays. I don’t feel any different from 30 or 31 and I’m still closer to 30 than 40 so I’m not in the “I can’t believe I”m almost 40” mode.  Anyway, all I’m trying to say is I’m ok with being 32, and we won’t be celebrating in any big way. Steven made me an ice cream cake, I got a few great gifts, and he will probably take me to  a dinner and movie this weekend.


2 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday!! You are so beautiful!! and so is Zoe who is just a little clone of you!!

  2. Happy Birthday Angela!! I will give you a call from FL! if we get there, there is a blizzard headed our way!! Is that your birthday wish???

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