I tried not to procrastinate

So here we are, 8 days before Christmas. I started my Christmas shopping over 2 months ago, and I still find myself not done. Of course just because I started 2 months ago, doesn’t necessarily mean I did so with tons of purpose and diligence. I have shopped as I have had money to, and I when I ran out of money, I quit shopping.  But there is precious little time left, and with that- precious little money. None of that really bothers me so much as the fact that I really don’t seem to feel any need to rush to get the rest done. I still have a long to do list left sitting before  me and several more gifts that need to be purchased and I feel no pressure to do anything. Did I mention there were only 8 days left!!!  I can’t do anything until Friday and I would rather amputate my right big toe then attempt any shopping the weekend before Christmas. So hopefully the motivation will hit me early next week. I do plan on spending the weekend baking and creating homemade gift baskets for my neighbors, so I won’t be completely lazy.


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  1. I thought you were going to do some shopping online! what else do you need? Anything I can help with up here?

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