Starting again

I have started this blog post over so many times, I’m not even sure why I started writing. It’s been so long since I have actually taken the time to post something right from the heart, that I don’t even know how to begin anymore. It’s so much easier to write about everyday things that only really matter to me and the ones that love my family most, writing superficial things also doesn’t allow anyone the opportunity to judge the way I feel or the values that my family and I hold. But I want to get back to writing about some of the things that got me started blogging to begin with, and I guess I’ll attempt not to offend anyone with my opinions or thoughts, but I am who I am and I guess for that I can’t apologize. I will continue to post about everyday things, because that of course is my life and what mommy doesn’t like to talk about her family, especially the young and cute ones.


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