The next Billy Mays ?

It’s pretty funny really, Zoe is enamored with infomercials. She LOVES them, and she gets so excited while watching them, and if we don’t happen to be right there with her, she has to retell us the entire commercial. I was just sitting here on the computer and I was listening to her watch an infomercial for something that happened to be $19.99 and I hear her say “that’s too bad, it really should only be $9.99, or maybe just a dollar” Then another one came on t.v. and after it was on she ran over to tell me that I really should get this (tap) thing that goes on your feet, it makes them all nice and smooth and really healthy. “And mommy, it comes in this little bag so that everything is nice and neat”  That of course doesn’t beat the time when we were walking through Wal-Mart, and passed some space saver bags. She then had to share with me the entire 5 minute infomercial, and explained very clearly to me that it would really help the mess in my closet. Seriously, we don’t watch that much t.v. but she really does love a great infomercial.


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  1. Anna recites the Sugglie commercial. 🙂

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