I love it

Last week Steven’s parents were in town. They came with the sole purpose of fufilling a 5  year dream of mine. Now it might seem crazy to refer to a bunch of shelves as a “dream” but If you knew how much storage space we lack, you would understand. Here in the South we have no basements, and here in the city- they don’t build houses with storage in mind. So we took on a week long building project. By “we”- I mostly mean my Father in Law. But I think we worked just as hard, after they were built- by cleaning, painting and painting and painting. Man! did we do a lot of painting. But they turned out Beautiful. Thanks Bob!






4 Responses

  1. Geez, you filled it!! Very Neat Colors!
    Needs more potato heads!!

  2. Very beautiful! And could Zoe possibly look any more like you?!

  3. ooooooo….I am drooling onto my keyboard. 🙂 So happy for you!

  4. Ok, wow! I am just now seeing this. That is major inspiration and I am giddy for you!

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