Good times


We went to the Toby Mac and Kutless concert this past weekend, and besides it being hotter than Hades outside, we had a good time. I’m not a big fan of crowded-sit so close to you I can smell your breath- kind of places, so for that reason combined with the heat and the sweat as well as sitting behind large teenage boys, who may or may not use deodorant. I didn’t start to enjoy myself until the sun went down. But when it did, a good time was had by all. Toby Mac is so much fun to watch- so entertaining. We got a nice little surprise that only those we went to college with will find interesting. The main guitar player went to school with us. Actually I’m not even sure he went to UNI but he at least was known on campus. Tim Rosenau is his name you can see his stats here and that’s him in the video with Toby.  So that was fun. The best part was the children stayed at my parents so we didn’t have to rush home, although I really missed the little ones.


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