Operation Fun mom Progress Report

Ok,  so I didn’t accomplish too many of my fun mom goals this week but I did make it a point to sit down and play a few board games with my children, and read more stories together. My real goal is just to participate more in actual “play” with them. I want them to know I’m interested in what they are doing- and time together is definitely one of Zoe’s love languages. I also want to help control the mess in this house. I know it seems crazy but when they are productively occupied they are not running around the house making messes out of every room.  One of their favorite games these days is to build a “rocket ship” out of blankets, pillows, chairs etc. and drag all of their toys from various rooms around the house into the ship. They have such a great time doing this, that I can’t say no-but clean up is a mess!  Another game I truly dislike is their own version of hide and seek. For this game they hide all of their favorite toys around the house and send the other one to go find them. This would be a fine game except they usually lose interest half way through looking and I end up finding toys in cabinets, under chairs, in the shower, EVERYWHERE!

So here are my ideas for this week.

*Take one of their favorite stories and put on a  play for daddy, character costumes and all.           

*Build a town out of blocks and small boxes to play cars in

*make a meal together

*lots of reading, snuggling, and giggling.


2 Responses

  1. great ideas! Sounds like they are pretty creative too!

  2. Drive up to Iowa more often, they will love the together time then!

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