Home sweet home… just not mine.


This little pup showed up at our house last week. I felt compelled to take it in- against my own better judgment, but after an unfortunate incident a few years ago with  a neighbors dog  being lost- I didn’t want this little gal to end up lost as well. Thankfully I only had her a few hours before I was able to locate a temporary-maybe forever home for her. Steven jokingly tried talking the kids into trading our dog for this much smaller, cuter version. Well, then the dog showed back up at our house this past Friday. I tried getting in touch with the woman who took her, to no avail. And then I fretted about this dog all weekend. We do NOT want another dog, even as sweet as she was. Obviously this dog was going to be trouble to who ever took her since she kept escaping. Long story short, I ended up putting her on Craigslist and she was gone by Monday. It probably helped that she was a Shih-Tzu.  I found her a home in Dallas,  so I don’t think she’ll end up back at our house again.


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