Financial Peace… Almost

Steven and I have been taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Class. We have really enjoyed it. It’s a class we have been wanting to take for a few years but it just hasn’t worked out. For the first time in our married life we actually have a budget! This alone has given us some peace. I’m pretty sure at an earlier post I discussed how we never wanted to do a budget because we were basically living by faith every month. We knew we weren’t going to have enough money to cover the bills so to see it on paper would have been really discouraging to us. I know, it’s crazy thinking. But having a budget has actually done the opposite for us, we no longer have to stress about bills and expenses because we know exactly where every dollar is.   Along with the budget, just the tips we have received in class has allowed us to save about $800 thus far on various things. So Yes, we really have loved the class. If you are thinking about taking it, and wondering if it’s worth it,  It is.


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