I’m not normally a bad mom… really

Every Tuesday after dance class we go to the library.  I love books and I am determined that my children will appreciate and love them as much as I do. Some weeks work out better than others, but still we go.  I stick Olivia in an umbrella stroller (which she is a little small for, but it’s compact enough to maneuver around the library with little trouble) We always start out in the children’s section where I try and encourage them to look at different books and not just grab a few and call it done. Zoe is getting better at this but when Zack goes to the library his main objective is to get to pick out a movie.  So here is what happened. Zack was being a little obstinant this week, which is not entirely unusual for him so I was already a little preoccupied with him, then Zoe was asking me a question about a book so I turned to talk to her about it. After a few moments a woman across the childrens section started yelling at me – MAM! YOUR BABY! I turned to look and Olivia had thrown herself out of the stroller face forward (I mentioned she doesn’t quite fit it) She was still buckled in so she was just hanging upside down with her feet still strapped in. She wasn’t really crying. Just a little whimper -which is why I didn’t notice myself.  Of course I quickly uprighted her, but the worst of it was the womans dissapproving look that she felt the need to give me several times.  We managed to make it through the rest of the library with little incident but I wasn’t able to shake that feeling of wow, that woman really thinks I’m a terrible mom. Of course I don’t believe that.  But I hate knowing that someone else does.

I guess I’ll just stick with my regular stroller-At least I can fit the books in it 🙂


4 Responses

  1. I am sure Olivia will forgive you!

    ps, you’re one of THE best moms I know!

  2. I can just picture that scene. It had to be a little bit humorous except for the disapproval of the library lady. At least she did not hit the floor-I have been there, done that! You are a great mom, Angela!

  3. that is funny! I think every mom has gotten a disapproving look. When I didn’t have kids or when I thought I had it all together I probably even gave one myself! Uck hate to think of that but it’s probably true!

  4. Don’t let that ladies look upset you (even though it would bother me as well.) You are an awesome mom-you are exposing your kids to the library and reading-there are many other moms who don’t do that. I could tell you about when Hannah actually did fall out of her stroller at a park when she was about Olivia’s age.

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