Over prayed

At our house, there is no one that gets  prayed for more than our fish. I’m not sure how it started but Steven and I find it hilarious that our simple beta fish is the subject of most of our prayers. It’s mostly funny because our fish sits on the kitchen windowsill way above the reach of the children, I am the only one that feeds it, and for the most part is completely forgotten about -That is until dinnertime prayer. Zack is especially funny with the prayer because he gets going praying and he often forgets what he has already prayed for, one time this last week I counted 7 times he prayed for the fish. Usually it goes something like this… Thank you God for God, T hank you for (list all the family) Thank you for Jesus and fishy and Callie and Fishy, don’t die fishy, Jesus doesn’t want fishy to die,but thank for today and for mommy and daddy and fishy, thanks for …. (what ever else) and he is sure to throw in another fishy before he finally says amen. Usually at this point Steven and I can barely contain our laughter and Zoe just has a bored look on her face. What’s even funnier is within his 30 minute dialog, he never once mentions food.


2 Responses

  1. That is too funny! now that you mention it, I dont ever recall you feeding that fish when I was down there. maybe that fishy does need some prayers!

  2. What is even sadder, poor little fishy doesn’t have a real name! Just “fishy”. So sad.

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