It’s just who I am

I try, really I do. But I have to accept the fact that I am who I am.  Every year I make these silly resolutions to be better at this or that, but the fact remains… I’m lazy OR… I’m just me. And it is possible that maybe “me”  is just lazy. This and every year I’m resolved to be more schedule oriented, more organized, less forgetful, more on top of projects and be known as the person who has it together. But the truth of the matter is, I’m a busy, somewhat unorganized, very forgetful wife and mother of three small children. So I have decided to let myself off the hook and just do what I can, when I can, and if I can.  Of course I still desire to be that person, and it is possible I might eventually get there one day but today is not that day, and tomorrow isn’t looking good either. I have instead implemented a healthier resolution for me; which is to appreciate the woman God has made me to be faults and all. Hopefully my friends and family will appreciate that as well 🙂


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  1. Ah, my friend… you HAVE figured it out! 🙂 love ya!

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