The Greatest Gift


I’m sure I’m not alone when I say “where has the month of December gone?” Here it is 5 days before Christmas and I feel like the whole season has been hijacked from me. I had all these great plans to provide this great holiday experience for my children to help instill in them the true meaning of the season, I had imagined days spent baking cookies, reading stories, making crafts and nights  spent cuddling watching Christmas specials. Sadly I’m not sure we have done any of these things. To be fair we haven’t ignored the month entirely we have enjoyed the Christmas lights and a few Christmas programs at church. But by and large the month has flown by with very little holiday happenings except for the obligatory shopping experience. I say that because for one, I’m not a shopper. I don’t enjoy shopping and two I hate that every year Christmas becomes a holiday that instead of focusing on Christ’s Birth I am “forced” to focus on the gifts that need to be bought. The gifts then become the central focus of the whole season. This is something that inevitably in bitters me to this wonderful holiday that should instead fill me with hope, peace and joy. Every year we say it will be different, we come up with a game plan of how we will instill in our family the reason behind the season. We hope that one day it will catch on and instead of stressing out over the gifts that have to be bought, we can just relax and enjoy the greatest gift we have already received. But all hope is not lost for this season, Like I said there is still 5 days left…


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  1. Angela- I know i feel the same way once the Christmas shopping begins.

    One thing that has really helped us keep the focus the past couple years is Advent candles- you can do it once a week or nightly. I usually buy some new book to use to do with it. We have really enjoyed this time as a family. Another thing for little kids is the Little People Nativity set- Lucy loves it and is constantly renenacting the whole story. Also one more cheap tip- I checked out all the Christ centered Christmas books at the library. Lucy wants them read and reread to her. And they are basically just Luke 2- I will be surpised if she doesn’t have most of that memorized.

    Merry Christmas!!
    BTW – I love your pic up here and the one you sent us- You have such a beautiful family! I didn’t get one done this year!!

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