I’m just not ready

Ok, I have to admit that although I handle most difficult conversations with my children pretty well, the question of -Where do babies come from? I’m just not ready to have yet. A few months ago Zoe cornered me on this as I was helping her clean up her room. It went something like this “mommy, how do babies get in your tummy?” Although I was unprepared for that questionI replied with ummmm… first mommies and daddies get married and they love each other so much that they ask God to give them a baby and a then God puts a baby in the mommy’s tummy.  Ok, I realize that this probably wasn’t the best all around answer but having not read all the right books and consulted with the parenting experts I thought I did pretty well. My answer was followed by several more questions asking for clarification which I then just kept answering with modified versions of my original answer. I think she finally realized that was the best she was going to get so the conversation ended, much to my relief. 

Today on the way to playgroup, I had one of my nieces with me and Zoe who is sitting in the back yells to my niece in the middle row. Hey “niece” do you know that when mommies and daddies get married, they pray for a baby and God makes a baby grow in the mommies tummy.  My niece says. I don’t think so  Zoe, that doesn’t sound right. to which Zoe replied, nope that’s true.

I think I’ll go consult those books and experts now 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I think you handled this question with a lot of grace, Angela. How funny!

  2. Angela – I thought you answered it really well too- I will keep that response in my mind for future reference. Also liked your post on Zack- cute.

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