The mind of my son

We have had an interesting week of words with my son this week, here are a few of the conversations.

At the dinner table the other night, Steven and I were discussing the storm that came through and Zack said “Jesus killed the rain”  Steven said what, and Zack repeated it. Then Steven said “Do you mean Jesus calmed the rain?” Zack replied nope he killed it.  And do you know what, Jesus lives in a big castle” (you have to picture his arm movements and exaggerated voice as he’s sharing this) I said do you mean Jesus lives in heaven -“nope he told me he lives in a castle”   How do you argue that???? 🙂

Yesterday after Steven had gone to work I was still in bed when Zack came into the room. Enjoying the whole bed I was laying diagonal on it. Zack jumped onto the bed on Steven’s side and felt my legs. He said in an incredulous voice “Did daddy take his legs to work today???)

These are the moments I love with Zack and the ones that  keep me sane between all the beatings (said half jokingly)    🙂   He is a difficult child but thankfully he has a sense of humor.


2 Responses

  1. he is too funny!!
    I rembmber one time when we (Steven and I) were kids and we were talking with mom and she was explaining something and Steven said “mommy, I dont stand under you.” we laughed all day about it. Of course he meant “I dont understand you”

  2. Too funny! I can just see Zackie making all the right moves telling his story. Wonder where he gets his point of view? Thanks for sharing–we love it and them and you!!

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