Standing in a storm

I love the story in the Bible of Jesus walking on water.  I especially love the part where  Peter asks to walk on water too. He has the faith to believe that when Jesus called to him he could step out on that boat and walk right on top of the water. It’s only when the water got a little choppy and the wind started to blow that Peter decides he doesn’t have so much faith after all, so therefore he starts to sink. Then Jesus asks Peter a question, he says “Peter, why did you doubt?” 

I so often wondered why Peter doubted as well. He saw Jesus walking. He knew the power that Jesus had available to him. He had seen him perform many miracles. Why couldn’t he trust him in that moment?

The answer is, He took his eyes of Jesus.

We are in the midst of our own storm. Life has been harder than it has ever been for us. We have faced more challenges this past 6 months than we ever have in our married lives. I would even say for a short while we lost faith in our God. We talked the talk but I believe neither of us believed the encouraging words we would pass between each other. We had taken our eyes off Jesus. For a brief moment we had forgotten his faithfullness to us in the past, we chose not to remember his provision and his obvious works in our lives. Both of us were losing sleep, instead of the hope we have in Jesus, we felt dispair.

There is one thing that being in a storm such as ours will do for you, it will bring you to your knees before the Lord. Not being able to sleep allowed me to get up super early and start my day with God. I meditated on Psalm 34 especially the part that said (my paraphrase) he will take care of the poor man’s troubles. I must have read that entire Psalm three or four times a day for two weeks. After a while of continually going before our Lord, Peace began to enter our lives again. We are still in the midst of our storm, but I am reminded that God doesn’t promise to calm the storm, he promises to calm his child. I understand why Peter doubted, In the midst of the chaos it’s easy to lose sight.


3 Responses

  1. I knew you seemed stressed-even in the midst of my crazy life, but I didn’t know. Remember that night at your house during bible study when I lost it? Sometimes, you have to be vulnerable to others so you can be real with God. Keep keeping your eyes on Him. He IS a faithful God.

    And, I too will pray for you! Love ya!

  2. I’ll be praying for you Angela. God knows exactly what we need when we need it, so hopefully your heart will soften as you continue to meditate on his word. I love you guys.

  3. Amen and Amen. I think anyone who is honest about their faith- and it starts with being honest with yourself- which is so hard and humbling, can say they have been there. I know I have. I will pray for you too.

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