After company leaves

It’s always such a let down after company leaves, a sense of quietness and a little loneliness sets in after going from a full house to just us. Steven’s parents were visiting last week, which was great. I was able to get a little more rest and slow down for a little while. They met Olivia for the first time and Zoe and Zack had so much fun with them here.  Zack is still asking where gamma and papa are. For me, one of the great things about having company is that I get a break from my daily responsibilities- I don’t feel like I have to- or should spend the day cleaning or running errands. I get to just enjoy my family. For some reason whenever Steven’s family is down we always find a reason to make ten thousand Wal-Mart trips, and of course there is the inevitable mall trip (we don’t usually do malls), and of course a few household projects, we usually throw in something fun to do as well, and this trip we went to the water park. Parents are really great, it’s nice to have someone else around to bear some of the load of parenting for a little while and not feel guilty.  Steven and I have really just been beat down lately and we really appreciated the help.



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