Who needs sleep?

I do, I really really do. These past few days have been out of control. It all started Thursday night when Zoe and Zack came down with a fever. Both of them ended up in bed with us. So with Olivia in the bassinet it was an unplanned family reunion that continued throughout the night with Zack waking up crying. Friday night was no better but this time we can add a fussy baby and a mommy with a terrible migraine. Come Saturday morning Zoe’s fever had broke but Zacks was worse and he had stopped eating and was slurring his words. This made for a trip to the doctor and a lost naptime. Turns out he has strep throat. Saturday night was the worst. Olivia cried for hours, Zack cried for hours. He ended up in bed with us, I slept on and off on the couch with Olivia and throughout the night both children cried relentlessly. I finally gave up the idea of sleep about 3:30 and got caught up on my favorite blogs 🙂  what added to our pain was that we had to be at the early service at church for Olivia’s baby dedication.  We did manage to get in three hour naps that afternoon though.  I share all this so I can elicit some sympathy prayers 🙂  This mommy needs some sleep!


2 Responses

  1. I am praying that your kids will take really long naps today so you can get some rest. Are they feeling any better?

  2. Come On!!

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