Water Fun and a Diet!

Water, water and more water. We spent the day at a toddler waterpark and the children had a blast. It was really great because it’s only about 20 minutes away at a nearby town and it only cost $4.00 a person to get in. Of course we had to forgo naptime for it but that just means an early bedtime and a quiet (cross my fingers) evening for Steven and I.

On another note: There is nothing more motivating than to see yourself in a bathing suit. I will be kick starting my nightly walking real soon and will be looking forward to my aerobics class at the gym Oh-and joining Weight Watchers this weekend. Actually I planned on doing Weight Watchers anyway but now it’s a done deal 🙂  I am cutting myself a little slack considering I did just give birth three weeks ago. And seriously you have to give me credit for even attempting a bathing suit. But I have to work with the motivation while I have it!


2 Responses

  1. Angela,

    You are a beautiful woman no matter what that awful mirror tells you! Very few people look good with so few clothes on, believe me! Glad you had fun in the sun at the water park.


  2. I went to a waterpark today too… definitely know what you mean about the swimsuit… and I gave birth 65 weeks ago so I have NO excuse. Glad you’re motivated…!!

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