Still Surviving

It hasn’t been that bad. I was completely dreading this week knowing my lack of sleep can often get the better of me. But so far as I head into Thursday I have managed to survive. I know God has completely had his hand in this, and I know that it’s only because of all the  prayers that have been lifted up on my behalf- I really feel overwhelmingly blessed.

Olivia really is such a sweet baby and although she is only 5 days old, I am already mourning the loss of these baby moments. I don’t hold on to any allusions that these days are going to last though.  I remember with Zack we thought he was the world’s greatest baby until he hit two weeks old then we didn’t know what hit us.  But I’m secretly praying that Olivia remains this sweet contented baby throughout her baby years.



One Response

  1. Congrats Angela! – love the name Olivia! And hey, keep praying that she remains content…no need to be secretive, we’ve all been there, prayed that — only I pray that it remains true for you! How are your other little ones doing?

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