Olivia Ann…. Has Arrived !!!

For all of those that know me, have to know that I just knew, KNEW I was having a boy. So it really was a surprise that Olivia showed up. Thank you to everyone for praying. I know mine and your prayers were answered. Labor and delivery story: I had a very quick 3 hour labor, they started the potossum (sp?) at 6:30 and Olivia was born at 9:29. The contractions started coming on strong around 8:30 and my doctor broke my water about 9:00. The crazy thing is we were then left alone and about 9:20 I had a contraction that forced me to have to push.  I yelled for my mom to get the nurse. One came in yelling Don’t push, Don’t push where’s your nurse (why would we know?) She was frantic because my nurse and Doctor were not to be found. She checked me and told me the head was there, told me again not to push (Honestly, there is no way that you can’t push in that situation.) She assured me that although she was not my nurse she did know what she was doing. Right after that I had another contraction that pushed the baby’s head out, my doctor and nurse arrived and frantically tried to get everything ready, my doctor barely had her gloves on -didn’t have time for the gown or other things, they didn’t have the lights or the bed a ready but she managed to deliver the baby by my next contraction. Honestly the whole thing was sureal, it went so fast. Unfortunately right before the Doctor broke my water, I had decided I was going to need some IV drugs. ( I didn’t want the epideral) she was hesitant given how far along I was, but agreed thinking we would have some time before the baby was born for it to wear off-15 minutes was not enough time, so I was pretty loopy through the whole thing. But when all was said and done, I really felt God’s hand in it all. Especially given how nervous I was to go through it.

Olivia is doing great, she is being well loved by her big brother and sister.  


3 Responses

  1. She’s gorgeous. Your pictures made me tear all up 🙂 Praying for your upcoming days as a mommy to 3! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations, you did great. She’s so beautiful!

  3. Steven & Angela, congrats! I didn’t even realize you were expecting again. WONDERFUL news! Love you guys, Heather and family

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