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Maybe it’s time

Yahoo!!! Out of no where Zack decided that he wanted to use the potty today. We have been trying to get him to go on it for weeks, but he always replies with No Thanks. Then today Zoe took out our little potty (which I have been trying to avoid using this time-because I hated cleaning it) and he wanted to use it. In fact he used it three times. Then of course he wanted his diaper back on and he was on to other things. But hey, maybe it’s a start. I guess he will decide in his own time.  We tried to make a big deal about it, he got potty candy and we called daddy.  So we’ll see if it’s enough. In fact he’s telling me right now he’s going pee pee in the potty again.  Gotta Go! cross your fingers.  : )


2 Responses

    YEA! YEA! YEA!

  2. YEA for mom and dad!!! How cool is that! congrats on the big boy!!

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