Getting it together

Maybe we can call it “nesting” or maybe it’s just because this mommy is fed up with the stuff.  I have spent this last week cleaning and organizing and realizing that we are out of control with things around here. I have been tired and unmotivated this past month along with just being a little lazy that nothing has really gotten done. We have procrastinated in dealing with the sleeping/room situation for Zack and the new baby, but yesterday I finally found the motivation to deal with it. The motivation actually came after a near tragic disaster where Zack apparently decided he wanted to climb on top of his dresser, causing it to tumble down upon Zoe who was standing in front of it. I was about to jump in the shower when I heard the terrifying screams of Zoe, so me and my very pregnant naked self, darted down the hall to the rescue.  This put into motion a total revamp of the children’s bedrooms yesterday and an all day project for me, which still is in the works. I did put the dresser in the closet to prevent anymore superman acts- I was just going to bolt it to the wall, but I’m inclined to move things around too often and I didn’t want big holes all over the room. So now at least I can say that we are almost really ready to have this baby. Of course with three weeks to go, that’s probably a good thing.


3 Responses

  1. Wow, I am glad no one was hurt! I am glad you weren’t hurt…being preggo and running and all 🙂 Seriously, I know what that’s like.

    It feels so good to get things in order before a baby comes…even if you were forced to get it done (I’ve BTDT too!)

  2. Did Zack open the drawers first? Or just start climbing using the drawer pulls? Oh man, you were so fortunate to get there before anything very serious happened to Zoe. Was she hurt? Thank goodness you were so close.

  3. Okay I’m so glad Zach or Zoe weren’t hurt but this story really made me chuckle- I think it was even more funny since I am pregnant too!

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