Just another day

It has been so warm here lately. Summer has arrived and with it the humidity. I am not looking forward to the even warmer days which will be here shortly. Today we got a little bit of a break because of some thunderstorms that have made their way in. As I’m sitting here typing I am thinking of several things I could be doing like napping (who doesn’t like to nap in the rain?) but that would mean squeezing my way in between both Zoe and Zack who managed to take over our bed for nap time today. I also thought about scrapbooking, but my stuff is a mess from the last scrapbooking adventure. Maybe I’ll settle down with a book and enjoy the quiet. It’s always short lived around here. I have started to read the Chronicles of the Kings series by Lynn Austin. I finished the first book which was Gods and Kings and it was soooo good so I’m anxious to get started on the next. I love reading historical fiction especially biblical historical fiction It really takes you right into the bible and you feel like you really understand what’s going on.


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