The hundred dollar penny and an all nighter

Steven and I had just gotten in bed last night when Zoe walked in saying she was sick and starting to gag. We have cleaned up enough throw up to quickly jump out of bed and rush her to the bathroom. Standing over the toilet she informed us that she had swallowed a penny. I knew at that moment it could be a long night. I told Steven that I was calling the Doctor, in which he responded “why, won’t it just pass” I said I’m sure it will but kids are not suppose to swallow money. So I called the Doctor dreading what I knew she was going to say… take her to the ER. Yep she did. So off to the ER we went where we waited with about 80-100 other parents and children. Let me just say it’s rather embarrassing to sit there with a child who is not “sick” in the midst of children and babies who really look miserable. We got a lot of jokes from the nurses and doctors about Zoe’s tummy not being a penny bank, and how she is suppose to spend money not eat it. She had an X-Ray which showed the penny moving pretty quickly through her intestines so all was well. We finally got home about 1:30a.m.

In daytime circumstances I would have just stayed home and kept an eye on her throughout the day, maybe pumped her with alot of fiber, But because we were all headed to bed I didn’t want to take the chance and then be up worrying all night about what that darn penny was doing to her body.

I really can’t get over how it’s Zoe who keeps doing these crazy things. She is such a smart, responsible little girl for only being 4. Zack is the one we are always worried about having to save from mortal danger 🙂 But not our sweet little Zoe 🙂 I guess you never can get too comfortable.


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