Why I love…and sometimes don’t -being a mommy

For some reason I was thinking last night in the midst of an (almost) mommy meltdown about some of my favorite and not so favorite things I love about being a mommy. There are hundreds of both but I wanted to share the few that came to mind right away.

Hearing Zoe say I love you mommy so so so so so so much (at least 5 times a day)

When Zack decides I’m worthy of a kiss that day

Hearing Zack say things like “my belbow hurts”

Zoe asking me why my butt is big 😦

Hearing Mommy (a word I love), repeated emphatically and continuously until I want to scream and hide 😦

Snuggling in the morning

Waking up before the sun 😦    But then again that’s when I get to snuggle.  Hmmm I think I might prefer the sleep.  That’s a tough one.

Watching the eyes of my children light up when I have taught them something new, or they have discovered something on their own.


Hearing Zoe say how pretty I am when I’m just wearing sweats


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