I’m not a “Rocker”

I am not exactly what you would call a “Rocker” but because I love my husband (who is still trying to hang on to his younger days 🙂 ) I attended a christian rock concert with him on Saturday. Which by the way in my own personal opinion I believe that christian rock is an oxymoron. But to mine and Steven’s surprise I actually enjoyed myself. Truthfully I endured the day because I knew that I would enjoy the last two bands that played -Jeremy Camp and Mercy Me. We left our children with my parents and hung out in our lawn chairs all afternoon until about 9:00 when we decided that we were too tired and chilly to keep going. -I guess we are  old.  Francis Chan whom I heard for the first time was the keynote speaker and he was amazing. I’m sure I’ll be writing about his talks in the future.

Most of the time there, I just people watched. Mostly teenage watched. Because these bands appeal to a much younger crowd there were a ton of youth groups there. As I sat and watched a group of teenagers in front of us a deep resounding fear came into me. One day I am going to be a parent of teens. The thought truly terrifies me. I sat watching these teens interrelate to one another, the girls with the guys in what I -in my conservativeness- believe to be inappropriate. And observed the way some of them were dressed and I just thought how do we prevent this as parents? These children were at a youth group sponsored event. If they act that way with church, how do they act in the world?  What can I do now to prevent what almost seems an inevitable outcome. We will probably homeschool our children but still we cannot hide them from the world nor do we wish to, they will still attend church and play sports, and will be involved in many other activities. But the question that weighs heavily on my heart is, will the world influence them more than we do?

Right now, even with my oldest at the young age of 4, I know I need to spend more time in prayer over all of our children’s futures.



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